COVID-19 Update

Although challenging, the pandemic has provided the National Judicial Institute (NJI) with an opportunity to experiment, innovate, and explore the art of the possible. We remain committed to ensuring that the Canadian judiciary has continuing access to high-quality, timely, and relevant judicial professional development. When COVID arrived, we quickly implemented a strategic and operational plan to help guide us through the pandemic and emerge stronger than ever. Our plan is focused on continuing to deliver outstanding judicial professional development while protecting the health, safety, and well-being of judges, faculty, and staff. We have achieved that objective primarily by offering a steady stream of online learning and training to the judiciary, and by providing staff with the flexibility, tools, and resources they need to collaborate and innovate from home.   

For several years already, the NJI has made a wide array of online content—including podcasts, bench books, regular e-Letters on criminal and family law, and a special site related to sexual assault trials—available to the judiciary via its website.  

Since the pandemic, we have built on that strength and expanded our online offerings even further. We have: 

  • Produced more than 30 new on-demand webinars.  

  • Expanded our online educational programming to deliver more judicial education programs to judges across Canada, while continuing to offer in-person programs where public health conditions allow.  

  • Helped the judiciary transition to the online world by holding extensive tech testing and intensive training on Zoom and other virtual conferencing platforms. We also delivered a three-day workshop about effective online teaching methods

  • Released new digital publications about sexual assault trials and cases involving intimate partner violence.  

  • Continued to collaborate with key educational partners around the world—to the extent that local public health guidelines allow—through our International Cooperation Group

We are proud of our staff’s dedication and cooperation during this difficult time and are grateful for the continuing support of our Board, faculty, and other stakeholders.  

We will continue to monitor the public health situation closely and be ready to adapt and adjust quickly as circumstances evolve. 

In the meantime, be well and be safe. 

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