Judicial Education in Canada

The National Judicial Institute (NJI) is responsible for the overall coordination of judicial education in Canada, in addition to being a primary education provider.

This website assists the NJI in meeting one of its major objectives: to inform judges across Canada about the variety of educational opportunities available to them.

The NJI works closely with the judiciary, the courts and other judicial education organizations to ensure that high-quality education is available to every judge in Canada.

To meet the fullest possible range of judges’ needs in a country as large and complex as Canada, programs and resources — the judicial education “portfolio” — are available in a variety of formats, such as in-person and online courses, and Electronic Bench Books (EBBs) in the NJI Judicial Library.

The Courts

Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (CIAJ)

Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges (CAPCJ)

Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs (FJA)

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